Tempted by TV

Suddenly, for the first time in as long as I can remember, I am thinking about having 'normal' TV.

In the UK, you need a license to watch TV. This costs about £150 a year. Having survived without watching live TV for years, just using iPlayer and 4OD to watch on catchup through the internet, I decided not to get normal TV when I moved in to the house, this saving me the annual fee, plus the initial costs of getting an antenna and the appropriate connection leads.

I have no problem with it usually. In fact, I think watching online is better. I can watch what I want when I want and don't have to be tied to TV schedules. It also means the TV (yes we do have an actual TV set, but it is used as a computer monitor and not wired up for receiving broadcasts) only goes on when you actually want to watch it, rather than being on all the time and sucking you in to the garbage that is often on air. Occasionally I miss out on stuff, but generally watching the day after a show is aired is good - I often watch shows that someone else recommends, which can be a great filter for some good TV.

It also means that I have to think carefully before I use TV babysitter! I actually have to select the shows for BB to watch individually, rather than just putting the TV on and walking away as most people can (though I do confess to sussing out early on the longest TV shows I can find, for use when I have something I really must get on with, like cooking dinner). Again I am happy with this. BB doesn't watch much TV as a result.

But for the last few days I have really been tempted to splash out on the necessary equipment and the licence fee. It's the upcoming olympics that's doing this to me. I just like the idea of having the TV on all day, with this major event on in the background, accompanying us through our day.  I know it's not worth it. It's only for 2 weeks, and we wont even be home for at least half of the days, and I am sure the opening ceremony and any events in which the Brits have a chance will be available on catch up. It would cost at least £200. £200 which I don't have to spare. And I don't want BB to  know a reality where the TV is on all day. I would also have to rearrange the furniture to be able to install the arial lead.

So, it really makes no sense! We are much better off as we are.

Hopefully the urge will pass.

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  1. I love the phot! I have almost the exact same of Elena!

    I'm pretty sure you can live stream the Olympic events online...I did this during the winter ones 2 years ago...is that an option?

    1. Yes it is physically possible to live stream, but I need a TV license to be able to do that legally... I can afford the fine even less than I can afford the license!

  2. Wow, a yearly fee for TV! Americans would freak if we had that here. Which explains a lot I suppose!

  3. This was published yesterday on the Parent Pages http://www.parentpages.co.uk/time-out/tv-and-film/every-hour-of-television-makes-a-child-less-fit-telegraph

    I will overcome temptation!