BB's visit to the hospital

I just received an email form a reader asking how we got on with respiratory physiologist last week. Sorry for not updating you all sooner, we had a busy week and it slipped my mind.

The fact that it did slip my mind is probably a clue that there was no horrific news to share. I was a little disappointed with our trip though. Perhaps I am naive, but I was expecting more. I thought perhaps BB would be treated as an individual, and that the Dr would actually examine him properly. That didn't happen though. He had a quick listen to his chest and asked if his cough is worse at night, to which I replied yes. He then said "It's asthma, it's always asthma" gave us a prescription and said that he would see us again in 3 months.

The drugs he has are Montelukast to be taken every night before bed, and Salbutimol to be taken as required. I was reluctant to give them to him at first. I felt like the Dr hadn't really examined him enough. We didn't get any info with the montelukast either, so I had to google it to even find out how to administer it. I do believe that he could have very mild asthma, and that some of his coughing is caused by that, but he still has a chesty cough which I think is a different issue. After some thought, (perhaps this Dr is so used to this he can diagnose really easily) I decided to try the meds though. I think perhaps the montelukast makes a slight difference. We have also used the inhaler once and it was surprising easy to get him to take that, and it did stop his cough.

We got a letter today from the specialist, which was copy of the letter he sent to our GP. What he has written is a little reassuring. It says that he explained to me that BB would likely grow out of (he didn't, but that's good to know). He also said that BB is otherwise healthy. I hope he's right.

He looks rather healthy though don't you think!

Has anyone else had a similar experience? Have you used these drugs on your child? Have you had a child that grew out of asthma?

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  1. I know lots of kids that have grown out of asthma - so there's hope! The montelukast is a good medication, but can have the side effect of causing aggressive behavior. My sister's son takes it with no problem, but our neighbor's son had to be taken off it because he started hitting and biting.

  2. Thanks heaps for that Shannon - I'll keep a look out for any behaviour changes.