Fitness, Fatness and Finances

SO, I think I am behind on a couple of updates...

Firstly my weight loss challenge.

I have been really good! I'm sure I have! My portion size is definitely down, in fact there have been times when I have served myself the same amount as BB. A single round of beans on toast for example... OK, so half of his ends up on the floor, but still... I am not being excessive.

Then here is exercise. I have been using the Wii Fit Plus, mainly for aerobic exercise, like jogging, step, hula-hooping, but also for some yoga, strength and balance training. I have been walking with the buggy for at least 5km at least 3 times a week, even in the rain.

I do heaps of exercises with BB, deliberately lifting him and squatting, and moving from side to side, and dancing - several times a day.

I even fasted for 3 days in total, plus had a stomach bug for 2 days.

And the results?

According to my scales I lost 100g since January! According to the fitness trainer, I am the same weight.

There are some positives though. I have toned up a bit. I've lost 3 inches from the place where my waist should be, and I do feel fitter, and my back is heaps better. But I am disappointed. I really wanted to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight by the time BB was One, and before I started TTC BB2.

Secondly our finances.

Well, more bad news... if you take in to account the money I need to put aside for annual cost (such as car service, registration, insurance, home insurance) plus BB's swimming and gym lessons, then it seems we are spending about 160% of our income each month. So, either I have to get some paid work, or we need to radically change what we are doing, as this means my teeny savings bucket will be depleted very soon.

The reality is, our monthly income is now (at current exchange rates) just 13.5% of what I was earning in my last full time job in Australia. OK so I had a big mortgage then, and lots of othere expenses, but still, I am starting to think that perhaps this is not possible...

But I am going to keep trying for another couple of months anyway. We have a few expenses coming up, like birthdays, a Christening, a holiday when Aussie Grandma arrives - but after that we have to crack down! The challenge is to live within our means by September.

I have started shopping at a budget supermarket for some items, but they are unable to fulfil my preferences for organic wholefoods! (Perhaps I need to change something there too). We need to use the car less. I could try and do more play groups close to home, and swim in the town pool instead of taking BB for lessons. I won't bore you any further... I'll report back at the end of September!


BB has totally recovered from his tonsillitis. He has his appetite back, and is back to his usual self. His crackly chest and cough and cold disappeared for a while when the tonsilitis was here, but now they are back. We see the specialist on Monday.

Hello, and thanks for stopping by. My name is Emma and I am a lifestyle entrepreneur, writer, teacher, coach and mentor. I am passionate about eating real food, learning, travel and health. I get to spend my days with my amazing son who has chosen to learn from the world rather than at school. We write to share the life we love and to help others create a life they love too.


  1. about how exercise doesn't help you to lose weight (but does make you healthier).

    1. Thanks!

      But I 'dieted' too...

      I have read that breastfeeding makes you hold a bit of extra weight... but I have also heard that it makes you lose it.

      I think the reality is that it's different for different people.

      Hopefully I will have BB2 without any troubles, and then miraculously become thin somehow! No harm in dreaming, right?

  2. Glad he's better! Finances, ugh, I'm always trying to find ways to keep costs down. I'm always left thinking - did I really spend that much? It always seems like a challenge too. Good luck!

  3. Just out of interest...

    We did our grocery shopping this afternoon at the budget supermarket, let's call it supermarket A. We were able to get everything on our list. The cost was £28.85. I was amazed. 4 large reusable bags full of food, plus a big carry bag of nappies.

    I was so amazed that when we got home, I went online to a well known supermarket, let's call it supermarket T, and entered everything off my list. Even choosing own brand cheapest products, the total comes to £49.56.

    Maybe it is possible! The only issue is that supermarket A does not accept healthy start vouchers, but seeing as someone somewhere in a government dept pressed a wrong key on the computer, we don't have any this month anyway! Still, I am always popping to supermarket T for fresh stuff, so we can use our vouchers there when we finally get them.

  4. I've really been working on our finances lately, trying to live debt free. Summer is challenging since there are so many outings!!

    Glad BB is feeling better...what an adorable boy!!