First Words

BB has been saying Mum mum mum and Da Da for a while now, but without really knowing what they mean. They were just sounds he made. Muuuuuuuum usually being a distress signal, mumumumum meaning he wants milk, and da da when he's being all cute and playful.

I am still not sure if he knows that those sounds also refer to me and DD. Tonight we went through or usual routine of saying goodnight and waving to everything in the room (for the record -night night Mr Lion, night night 1,2,3,4,5 camels, night night 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 clouds, night night 1 bird, night night 1 elephant, one giraffe, one toucan and one monkey, night night BB, night night Mummy) he seemed as though he might know what Mummy meant, so I asked him where was Mummy and he patted me on the chest. So I'm still not sure -it could be me, or it could be the booby that he was referring to!

There is one sound that he has made for a while now that I think we can be sure he uses with meaning, so I think we can say that it is his first true word.

And the word is...


He has been using it a lot in the last couple of weeks, often in association with banana's, but there are other things he likes more of too! It's kind of appropriate, he has always had a healthy appetite!

The last couple of days he has also been making a sequence of sounds which sound like "I didn't, Dad did" which is very cute, very funny, and the perfect scapegoat.

As we are talking of Dada and it is Father's day tomorrow - here are some photo's of BB with DD, taken when we caught up with him for lunch last weekend.

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  1. How funny! Bella's first word was 'more' Spanish with the sign for it too. Maas!

    They obviously think with their tummies ;-) Have fun with all the cute vocals xx

  2. T's first word was agua, I thought it was strange but I am lucky that she drinks a lot of it so I was happy about that!