The Blissful Farmer

Yesterday was Open Farm Sunday.

With farming genes on both sides, and a love of the outdoors it was a natural choice. We had a hugely busy weekend what with this, and spending Father's day with Gramps. The weather could have been nicer though - look how wrapped up we are, just 4 days from mid summers day!

It seems that Open Farm Sunday is now getting so popular that it starts on Saturday! We visited two farms nearby our house, one on each day. BB was particularly impressed by the lambs and the chickens. He was also very impressed that he could get out of his pushchair and take a look for himself!

With Auntie H

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  1. He looks like he had so much fun. That last picture is adorable. J and I went to visit a farm once. I wish we could do it more often. Open Farm sounds very cool.