The Challenges of Dual Nationality: Part 1 - The Vegemite/Marmite Issue

BB Bed Head at breakfast this morning - up for a challenge!

First let's look at packaging preference

Mmmm... inconclusive evidence. He seems to go for the Marmite first (or in this case the Jubilee Special Ma'amite!) but can't reach. Then he tries the Vegemite, the jar is bigger (like everything in Oz!) and he can reach - yay! An apparent win for Vegemite!

Now the taste test

First up, Marmite.

So, I think she tried to make me eat this before.

She has the camera out, so I'll give it a go 

There's only so much a boy can do though!
And so, onto the Vegemite

Mmm, something else... darker, maybe chocloate?

Oh, no! More of the same!

I can't believe she'd do that to me!

The evidence

A small bite for Marmite


Nothing for Vegemite

An apparent win for Marmite.

That's 1 all then!

No wait, there is a clear winner...

Finally - some Philadelphia

That's MUCH better
Very diplomatic!

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