Goals for 2012

So here we are in 2012. Didn't that roll around quick! (or is it just my advanced age that makes time fly these days?)

Here are a few things I am going to try and achieve this year.

Weight Loss and Improved Fitness
Yes, that old cookie! I wonder what percentage of the "Western" population have that on their list! Seriously though, I promised myself that I would get back to my pre pregnancy weight by the time BB was 1. Suddenly, as we go into 2012 and he nears the 6 month mark, time seems to be running out. I have been steadily losing the 28kg that I gained during pregnancy with out much effort at all. In fact 19kg has gone already, but over Christmas, as we travelled and ate our way around Australia, I actually gained 0.3Kg. I think I could be at the point where I have to start trying!

So, to get it out there... my weight today is 80.7kg. My pre pregnancy weight was 72kg, though the weight I like to be, and that suits me most is about 69.

How am I going to do it?

Well, I will monitor what I eat using the WeightWatchers online software, and I will try and go to meetings once a week as the leader is inspiring and I think it helps to remind me and keep me focused.

I will get back into walking. Before our holiday BB and I were walking into town two or three times a week. The Map My Walk app tells me that we usually do about 7km by the time we have done our shopping too. Getting out at this time of year is also vital for my mental health. I need some light or I go crazy!

Swimming. Every two weeks, when DD comes to stay, I will go to the early morning swim on a Sunday. I love swimming, but obviously this is hard to do with a baby. It will be nice way for DD to have some time alone with BB too.

As it is impossible to get out for a run, or go to a gym, I will have to exercise at home (this also works in well with the austerity measures - see below). I have asked for a pilates DVD for Blissmas, and I just invested in Wii Fit. I set it up last night. It tells me that I am overweight and need to lose 1st and 7lb to have a healthy BMI. Despite that, and the fact that with my dodgy back and sore feet I hobble around like a 90 year old sometimes, Wii says that my Wii fit age is 35! I was quite impressed with that. Hopefully I will be able to achieve between 20 and 30 mins exercise at home each day...

Reading and Writing
They may sound like ridiculous goals, to read and to write, but I struggle with both at the moment. I have read a couple of magazines, in short bursts, usually when I am feeding in bed, but I really find it tricky to read anything of length. There are a few books that I must read. In the next week I need to get up to speed on weaning, as BB starts solids next weekend, I also want to read parenting books, Raising Boys and Unconditional Parenting as a start, and I want to set myself a challenge to read one novel during the year.

The idea of trying to make some money from writing has come up several times. Writing what I am not sure, but there are several things... Thing is, I am out of practice in all styles of writing. I am going to try and write more, catching up on the posts I promised for this blog, writing more about what BB gets up to, about being a choice mum, activities with kids, maybe even some 'work' stuff. My goal - at least one blog post a week.

Austerity Measures
I think I have decided not to go back to work. As you may have seen in an earlier post (A working Experiment) I won't be any better off through working part time (calculated after paying childcare and other expenses such a fuel to get to work and union subs) and I really don't want to go full time. I became a mum because I wanted the life of a mum. I would love to stay home full time, to watch BB grow and change, be there for all the milestones, and create fun activities for us to do together. So I am thinking that I will stay home for as long as possible. I have a small amount of savings and will be entitled to some benefits but it will mean big changes for me. I have been used to spending what I want, when I want, for the last 10 years or so. Now, after paying all the direct debits for things like water, gas, electricity, internet, phone I will have about £70 a week left for everything else (food, clothes, BB's activites, petrol etc.). It wont be easy, but I will do my best to stick to budget so that we can be together for as long as possible.

Baby Two?
And a final goal, for the end of the year will be to start trying for baby two. That seems so soon, but I would love baby two, and a two year age gap seems about right.

I'll keep you posted on my progress in all areas!

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  1. Lots of perseverance to you. They all sound like worthy goals, and I'll look forward to reading how your year evolves.