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So, I didn't post every day.

On Tuesday, having spent Friday at home getting read for DD's visit, the weekend home as he was here, and Monday home as it was foggy and our lunch date cancelled, both BB and I were slightly crazy with cabin fever.

Every day when BB and I come down stairs, I open the curtains and we greet the day. I am always careful not to express any value judgements at the weather, and use the same voice to greet the rain as I do the sun, but on Tuesday I couldn't manage this. Rain, rain - hideous, horrible, miserable, grumpy, isolating rain! No walks for us then. No fresh air, no exercise, no chance to see something different! And here was me considering the idea of working from home. We obviously need to be sure we are not home too much.

About 20 miles away from here there is a large indoor shopping centre, with some lovely Christmas lights up, you can walk in the dry, drink coffee... We called up Grandma and Gramps and set off for our little outing.

On Wednesday a mini disatser occurred - BB popped the poppers on his hammock! I have known for a while now that his time in it was coming to an end as he is getting too big, and has almost worked out how to grab the sides and pull himself up. This means he needs a new place to have day time naps. He has a cot, a place that he goes to several times daily, afer every nappy change for example as it is a safe place to plonk him while I wash my hands, find clean clothes etc. However, I have been trying to get him to sleep in there for a couple of weeks now, but to no avail. So since wednesday we have been searching for a new sleep solution. We didn't find it yet.

We did a couple of long journeys in the car at the weekend and they were great - an hour and half sleep each day, but still we have no solution for the house. We have tried the cot again, my bed, where he sleeps at night, his bouncer, a cosy little corner with his blanket and a cuddly toy on the sofa, but no. I nurse him to sleep but as soon as I put him down he wakes. I have carried him around in the sling but he is now way too curious about all the things I am doing to sleep.

No sleep means a grumpy baby who needs constant attention. Therefore I have done even less than usual. Trying to package up and send the few clothes that I sold on ebay was a huge challenge. Today I have been tryng to research something on the internet for a friend which was equally difficult. Hopefully we'll get a breakthrough soon. I am sitting on the bed typing this and he is laying next to me. He keeps dropping off. I am hoping he learns to put himself to sleep soon.

These things combined have made me realise that working from home will be hard for two reasons. One, we may go mad, and two, I just don't have the time!

P.S. It took 4 days to write this!

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  1. I know, with my boy being 6 months, that I should be putting him down by himself to sleep...but most naps I cuddled in my bed with him until he falls asleep, then I get up and get things done. I'm just now trying to put him in his crib for at least one nap a day, and then I stay in the room while he's fussy - half the time he falls asleep on his own, half the time I give in and pick him up. Who knew sleep could be such a difficult thing? I wish I had solutions for you instead of just commiseration.