One day to go on the bathroom - it will be a miracle if actually happens

So, this is how the bathroom looks as I leave it this morning. The tiles that are in place so far all went on on Wednesday. The tiler was unable to achieve anything in the bathroom on Thursday due to the carpenter and plumber working in there. The plumber has fitted the toilet (though I had to call him out at 9.30 pm last night as it was leaking!) and the bath is plumbed in, and there is water to the shower but it is not fitted yet.

The carpenter got the units in and the bench top fitted.

I am liking how it's looking, but I don't think it will be done today!

Yet to do:
  • fix the leaking loo
  • put in waste for the sink
  • tile the remaining 2 walls, including the fiddly bits like round the window, door and recess.
  • grout all of the tiles
  • move the pipes for the radiator
  • install radiator
  • put in shower
  • replace floor
  • add fixtures and fittings (shower rail loo roll holder etc)
and two weeks before the builder/tiler returns...  Perhaps I will be pleasantly surprised/amazed.


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  1. No surprises! It didn't happen. BUT I can use the bath and the loo and the sink so that is a blessing. And I managed to fill the builder's trailer with all the rubbish and rubble and old bathroom suites that were hanging around, so that's good too. I think we have may have turned the corner where it is going to start getting better instead of worse from here on in.

  2. One day very soon Pollyanna, this will all be a distant memory and you'll be bathing that wee boy of yours in that tub! Looks