Bathroom Blitz

For those wanting before, during and after photos of the bathroom - here we go...

4th April am

This is before. Not too bad you may say (I am thinking that now!!!) but, I had no shower, no storage space, the toilet didn't flush  - and it was pink!

4th April am

In all honesty I wouldn't have bothered if it weren't for wanting a shower. To put a shower in I needed to tile above the bath, and the tiles would be different, so I had to change all the tiles.  Plus I needed a new loo, and would like a cupboard under the sink and so the idea of ripping out the whole lot and starting again was born. I should have a bit more space too as it was possible to knock out the fake wall so we can move the toilet and sink back 8" or so.

4th April pm

By the time I got home on Monday night the old bathroom suite was in the back yard, the tiles off, the fake wall gone, the new bath installed, and the shower pipes in place.

4th April pm
Bill the builder came on Tuesday - not much appears to have changed, but he plastered some bits and prepared the surface ready to tile.

April 5th pm

5th April pm

He has 3 days to get it done before he goes on his hols.

Will he do it?

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