Grape Thing

Yes I know, not a very sophisitcated name, but this is how it's known in our family.


A packet of sponge fingers
Almond cordial*
Bunch of green grapes
300-400ml double cream
1 -2 tbsp demerara sugar


Place sponge fingers in the bottom of a flan dish to cover base
Soak with cordial/almond essence mix
Wash grapes and cut each in half (remove pips if they have any)
Place grapes, cut side down, to cover the sponge finger layer
Whip cream and spread over the top to cover grapes
Sprinkle the sugar over the top of the cream
Place under a medium grill to melt the sugar
WARNING: you need to watch this - if you leave it too long the cream will melt and you'll have a disaster - remove as soon as the sugar starts to blend in to the cream
Chill in the fridge (overnight if possible)

*this can be hard to find - substitute with almond essence and other fluid such as sherry or another nice cordial - the one pictured used Morelo Cherry cordial which worked quite well

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