Spreading Happiness - or should that be Blissfulness?

Following an interesting interaction with people preaching doom and gloom at me at my front my door, a little facebook conversation among friends resulted in me posting my thoughts on happiness. You see, my door knockers are waiting for God to fix things. They believe that the world is going in a downhill spiral and that we face certain doom because there are not enough people asking God to sort the world out. I told them that I thought people may be able to do something too, and was immediately shot down. According to my visitors, we can't do anything but believe and trust in God!

Now, don't get me wrong, my gripe is not with people that believe or trust in God, that's totally fine, but those people who are passive, and do nothing for themselves or others and expect God to do it all - now they really get my goat. Surely a few little human helpers on earth would be a good thing right? Lots of them would be better!

And then there is the philosophy that goes with focussing on doom and gloom, or on the brighter side of life. We have a choice of what to focus our energy on. In Australia I was lucky enough to work with a great organisation called OzGreen. Whilst working with their YouthLEAD program I learned a phrase that they share with all participants; "Where you put your energy GROWS" .  In my experience this is most definitely true. So, shall we choose to grow doom and gloom or happiness? Well, I know my thoughts on that. Where you put your energy is your choice.

As if to reinforce the growth of my happiness theory, no sooner had I posted my comment referencing this on Facebook, than an item came on the radio about Action for Happiness - a new mass movement for social change being launched today. Their website is currently receiving an overwhelming number of hits, but when you can get on, take a look. There is an article Let the Happiness In in the Guardian too, and a video on YouTube

and another talk I found on the TED website

So, lets all go forth and create a little happiness today.

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