Time flies - especially when you need to get stuff done!

Spring is here! Which is fantastic, we had a couple of lovely sunny days, I have seen lambs frolicking about in  the fields at Woodhouse Farm Park on my way to work, the daffodils are blooming, the garden has been dug over once and I have tomato seedlings emerging in the propagator.

Developments in the house seem to have come to a bit of a standstill. The plasterers finished a week or so ago but the builder that is supposed to be doing everything else has been scarce since the weather got better and outside jobs have materialised elsewhere. I have to say I am really starting to stress out about it all. Time is going so fast and NOTHING is done. I was hoping to have the bathroom finished by now as it is getting harder and harder to get into and out of the bath - I NEED that shower... If he doesn't show tomorrow I am going to ask the people supplying the bathroom to fit it.

No work has happened in the kitchen either. The loss assessor has been out to look at it, and I am waiting on a couple of quotes. I think I am going to go ahead and replace the whole kitchen, even though though the insurance will only cover the floor and few of the units... I can't really have half a kitchen can I? Hopefully the funds with stretch to cover it.

On a positive note I am liking how it looks. I can now move into the new space through the new doorway from the kitchen and it does make the house seem a lot bigger. I think it will be great when it's done.

When it's done!

Here's a peek through the hole.
View from kitchen into extension

View from extension into kitchen
In attempt to gain some feeling of control and get things done, today I have purchased the shelving for the new study and installed George in the garden. I am liking George a lot.


As for Mr Bump, he seems to be doing fine. He's dancing away in there, and has started to let me know, with a swift kick or punch, when I get myself into a position he doesn't like.  My friend Amanda gave birth to a little boy 10 days ago and I went to meet him for the first time on Thursday - he's soooooooo cute. It was, nevertheless, a bit alarming to hold him next to bump and realise that something that big (and he's not even a big baby!) could possibly fit in there! It was fun too though,  as when I was cuddling him Mr Bump was giving him a gentle kick through my belly. It's kind of like they had their first play together already. Today I met up with another pregnant friend and Mr Bump got to say "Ahoy" to a little Czech bubba (who is called Emma!) too.

I am 25 weeks now, which means I will be officially 'at term' in 12 weeks time. Its amazing how quickly time has gone, and though I can't wait to meet him I really do hope the house is finished first!

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  1. Emma it sounds like you are really well organized and looking forward to being a mum to a beautiful baby boy...well done you!

  2. Well - I am trying to be well organised. You know me well enough to realise just much how I dislike not being organised too. Drives me mad! And with regard to most of what is happening here it is beyond my control, but I am trying to have faith.

    And yes I am really looking forward to meeting my son. How's your baby granddaughter doing? And Renee? Hope you you are loving the new role.