Getting things done

So, we are a week into March and I don't yet have a focus for the month - I need to sort that out!

Getting rid was a reasonable success - I think what I really want to do this month is get things done! Like the extension, the bathroom, the kitchen. I think I am being a little over ambitious though - perhaps this should be my focus for March and April!

I guess I am feeling a little overwhelmed by all that I have on - with the building, renovations, preparing for a baby and my uni work (I am doing a 1 year post grad course to attain specialist maths teacher status through the Institute of Education at the University of London ) as well as my regular job, and of course, 'growing a baby'.

I think it will be good for my sanity to have a little focus on what I have actually managed to get done as this might take my mind off the overwhelm that I am currently feeling in response to all there is yet to do.  So, as with the Jan and Feb challenges, I'll update this as things happen - with the exception of cleaning up dust - that is a continuous task!

  • windows in
  • loft insulation installed
  • kitchen chosen
  • bathroom chosen and ordered
  • kitchen floor removed so concrete can dry after flood
  • Loft ladder and flooring purchased so that I can hide stuff away up there - builder installing it for me
  • plastering is finished
  • two assignments completed in w/e 4th March (6 to go)
  • two more w/e 25th March (4 to go)
  • started getting ideas together for essay 1 (of 4)
Baby stuff
  • Pram purchased and waiting at mum's
  • Decided on nappies (Motherease reusables) and bought enough (I think!)
  • Decided on the baby hammock and placed order (and it has arrived and I love it!)
  • Bought a nursing chair (This is fabulous too - so comfy. I can see it moving downstairs once the renovations and dust are gone)
  • Bought a changing table
  • Have a shortlist of names
  • Written a will so that guardianship of Mr Bump is all sorted should I snuff it

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  1. That's a huge list of achievements Em. You need to have this time to focus on you and the baby too, it's okay to rest as well ;-)

    Can't wait to see you soon - can't believe you'll have a huge bump!


  2. Believe me I would love to rest! At the moment I am asking myself what on earth possessed me to try to do the of a maths degree in a year, renovate the bathroom and kitchen, convert the garage, do a full time job and grow a baby all at once... It will all be worth it in the end, hopefully before I am too enormous - but I would love to sleep for week!

  3. I do only have 41 more working days to go though!

  4. Not that you're counting of course ;=)