I clean up dust!

Things are progressing on the conversions - at least that's what I have to tell myself as I am in the stage where things seem to be getting worse and more chaotic rather than better... but the end is getting closer surely. I still have hope that we'll reach the end before the baby arrives.

On Monday morning my garage looked like this.

and by Monday evening, it was like this. This looks like things are going in right direction, hey?

My kitchen floor, on the other hand, looked like this on Monday morning

And like this in the evening - hmm!

A new power board has been installed, some of the electrics have been done, the boiler is being moved (no heating, hot water or gas since yesterday morning, but hopefully the services will be returned by the end of the day). 

A hole has been knocked in the wall  - sadly I missed out on the shot where you can see though, they have blocked it off with insulation to tray and keep me a little warmer in my heating free home - but this is where it is.

It did make the house seem heaps bigger. I am liking it. Even though my current life revolves around going to work, coming home and cleaning up dust! In fact, I am so tuned in to coming home and cleaning up dust, that when I called in to see my nan after work the other day, I walked in and started dusting!

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