More sneaky previews of Mr Bump

Mr Bump
On Tuesday I went for my 20 week scan and so got see my baby for the second time. For those not in the know, the second scan is the 'anomaly' scan, where they check for a number of possible birth defects. I am happy to report that everything went well and the sonographer could see nothing that caused any concern. Unfortunately she wasn't quite as good at photography as the lady I saw last time, but here is the best of the 3 pics she took.

It was lovely that donor daddy got to come too this time. We were both amazed at the detail you could see. We were able to watch the blood pass through the heart and around the body to the the organs.  Baby Bliss is just slightly bigger than average (332g), and measured in at 2 days older than he really is. And yes (you may have noticed the male references throughout this post) it is a boy!

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  1. Your Dad will be buying him a toy I kept checking last week for updates as it great to be part of this journey in your life. It great to hear all the news even though I'm miles away from you. Glad the baby healthy too, that a big deal.

    From Lisa

  2. He looks gorgeous. That's a beautiful profile. Love that maternity top too - very funky.