Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Whole 30 Day 9

Today got off to a good start with a breakfast of pork mince and courgette pasta. This has become one of my favourite breakfasts, especially when I use leftover mince as it is then really quick to make (that's what I have tomorrow).

We went out today and were late back for lunch. I wasn't that hungry and dinner wasn't far off so I fancied something light. The hot sunny day reminded me of a great carrot salad that I used to get for lunch when I was working in Darwin and so I was inspired by that memory. Although the salad I had before had raisins, which we were out of and they are not ideal on the whole30 anyway, and cheese, which is not allowed so I had to improvise. I am not sure it is entirely whole 30 compliant as there was no meat or eggs, just cashews for protein, but it didn't contain anything I shouldn't eat, it tasted great, and was just the right amount of food to get me through to dinner.

It consists of carrot, orange, lemon juice, pomegranate, cashews, a dash of olive oil and I added some fresh coriander (after I took this photo), once I was halfway through eating it, which did give in another dimension. I will make it again and refine the recipe and post it on the blog.

Dinner was a much more conventional chicken stir fry.

I am feeling good, my skin is looking heaps better than yesterday, and today at my son's swimming lesson I had the definite feeling that my bathers were too large  - ok, so it is a maternity tankini and my son is nearly 2, so one would hope it is too large, but it wasn't 2 weeks ago!


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