Whole 30 Day 8

Day 8 of my whole 30 deviated somewhat from my plan as the chickens did not oblige me with any eggs this morning (perhaps the weather was to hot for egg laying), so my vegetable omelette didn't happen as I only had one egg. Having worked out that breakfast is the key for me, and that it is essential for me to have something planned I went int a bit if a panic and ended up doing bacon, sweet potato hash and the one egg again, for the third day in a row.

I know that a lot of people doing the Whole 30 prep ahead and have the same meal every day for a week, but that's really not me. I was not as enthusiastic about it as I was yesterday that's for sure, but it was still nice. Tomorrow will definitely be something different.

I forgot to photograph breakfast, but it looked very much like day 6 and 7.

For lunch I had white fish gently fried in ghee, with roasted cauliflower, beans and carrots. That was nice. For dinner I had planed to do pork mince stuffed butter nut squash, but I didn't feel like a heavy meal and also, I already had bacon for breakfast and so thought pork might not be the best choice. SO I went a bought eggs and made an egg salad. Then I had dessert - home grown strawberries, field to dish in about 2 minutes, and served with coconut milk - delicious.

I have not been so good at drinking water today, I have a bit to go still to get to my 1.5! I will do it though. I didn't exercise yet either - but planning to some Muscle Training and Yoga on Wii Fit as soon as I finish this post. 

I am feeling good, but I do have some negatives going on. Although today's email from Whole30 Daily talks about how I may notice I have clearer skin, I have exactly the opposite. My face is covered in lots of little tiny spots and it's blotchy and red, like it's inflamed under the surface. Basically I look like I have the worst acne I ever had! I am fairly sure it it's temporary thing - hopefully just a part of the purification process. I did definitely notice clearer skin on my last whole 30, so FX!

The skin on my feet is also suffering. It seems a bit like psoriasis. Again I am hoping it's just the purifying process - maybe the hot weather has made me sweat more too and is flushing things out. Lets hope so! 

OK, enough from me. Wii calling.

Also doing the Whole 30 July

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