Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Confessions of a failing dieter!

So, I feel I can't go to bed without admitting that I skipped the weigh in today... I was running late to another appointment, but I think if I thought I had lost heaps I might have found the time! I checked on the Wii again, in my pj's, after my morning pee, and before a morsel of food or a drop water had entered my mouth - still 2 lbs heavier than when my supposed 'diet' began.

Things have to change.

I have to shift this lard.

I need a kick start!
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I have found a few interesting links - like Fasting Fitness for example. You may also remember me talking about fasting in previous posts Boosting your fertility when you're an old duck, fasting, and after the fast. A friend also recommended Six Weeks to OMG which I might check out if I can find a cheap copy.

Anyway - more immediate action is required. The plan this time is to have a fruit and veg only day tomorrow, then to try and be sensible on my two days out Thursday and Friday, and then a fast at the weekend.

I will admit everything here - honest.

I won't be able to weigh in next week as we are off to the beach, so the day of reckoning will be November 6th.

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