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Boosting your fertility when you're an old duck

So, I promised a post on boosting fertility over a year ago. Now that I am starting to plan for BB2 it is a good time for me to revisit what I learnt before.

I suppose I should write a disclaimer before I begin. I am not a doctor, I don't have scientific proof as to whether any of what I am about to write will boost fertility - these are just things I read about and tried. I have no proof of cause and effect - but I got pregnant on the second month of trying. It would be nice to do the same again.

I guess the journey really began in about 2003 when I was diagnosed with PCOS. I read some literature that a doctor recommended, learned a little about insulin resistance and looked at my diet. I had been vegetarian for about 25 years at this stage of my life so my animals fats were low, but I could see how I had been compensating for this in my diet with carbohydrates. So, I began to eat a better diet, lower in carbs.  Two books that really helped with this were The PCOS Diet  (I don't own a copy of this and I can't be sure which one of the many available on the market that I read), and a great recipe book, Turn Over an New Leaf , which I do own and still love!). 

I got results I think. I didn't get a second scan to show the cysts, but I did have other tests in 2007 that suggested I had normal fertility.

When I started seriously thinking about becoming a Choice Mum to the point where I thought I might give it a try, I bought Sarah Dobbyn's Fertility Diet. I would totally recommend this book to anyone trying to conceive. It kick started a lot of things for me. It tells you things to avoid - and yes there is the expected drinking alcohol and smoking, but Sarah has also researched into many foods - who would have thought that peas were a contraceptive!!! She also lists fertility foods and drinks too, and herbs...

Sarah's book was the first place where I read that growth hormone is linked to fertility, and that fasting is a way to boost growth hormone. She also talks about the need to detox and cleanse your body. As a result of this book, I called in at Samui Detox for a 10 day fasting detox on my way from Australia to the UK when I relocated. Samui Detox is a place I would highly recommend too. I came away from there feeling sooo much healthier. Few people to choose to take a holiday where they will fast and cleanse and detox, in fact to most people a holiday is about over indulging on everything, but if you want a truly rejuvenating break, try this! I liked it so much I went back for another week at Easter 2010 for a second detox, just 7 days this time, and also to focus on the SMC choice one more time just to be sure, this time with the knowledge that Donor Daddy was available.

Obviously, I decided to go for it.

I then looked in to herbs that Sarah recommended, and having read about them all with my own body in mind, I chose to take Dong Quai, Chasteberry and Wild Yam.

I also consulted a Chinese Doctor. My situation was a very new one to him, but he was supportive. Having looked at my tongue and taken my pulse, he said, "I give you good eggs." I didn't really understand what he was doing or what my potential problem could have been until much later, when I read of other people's infertility issues. Until I started with him I ovulated on day 9, meaning my eggs could have been immature. After two months my ovulation had moved to day 14, and then day 16. I guess he helped!

I got pregnant on that second cycle on which I ovulated on day 16.

So, that was last time. When I was young and free and single, and had some spare cash.  This time I am a single mum on a tight budget. So what can I do?

My action plan is to:

Avoid (or limit as much as possible)
Fried food
GM food
Junk food
Tonic Water

Carry out one or two short one day fasts at home. Evidence suggests that even a 24 hour fast can significantly boost hGH

Avoid things above, drink more water, nettle tea, and take my Vital Greens.
If I am brave enough, after a fasting day and lots of cleansing teas, a salt water flush and a liver flush

I have been regularly working out for over 30 mins a day on my Wii. I plan to keep this up, improve if possible.

Lose weight
Losing between 5 and 10% of your body weight is also supposed to help. I am trying!

When will I begin?
Well, now I guess - but I'll ease myself in. I have started on the vital greens,  and I am about to have a cup of nettle tea, but there is an open bottle of wine in the fridge that I can't see wasted. I'd like to try a short fast in the next couple of weeks, if I can find a day when we have nothing on. I need to slowly wean myself off caffeine, and since having BB I eat more sugar than ever before, so I will be working on reducing that too. I might read Sarah Dobbyn's book again too if I get a chance, just to get me all inspired!

I'll keep you posted!

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