Tuesday, June 19, 2012


So, you may remember me saying in a recent post that I was planning on doing a couple of one day fasts in the next couple of weeks. Well, today is the day for the first one.

So far I have made my porridge, then remembered I am supposed to be fasting, then thought about starting after breakfast, then thought about doing it tomorrow instead... But, I pulled myself in check, reminded myself of my goal and fed the porridge to the chooks! Then I found myself getting stuff out of the freezer for tea! I put it back and planned some meals for BB to have on his own.

Although I used to fast frequently, this is the first time since getting pregnant with BB. There is an underlying feeling of panic - what will happen if I don't have food? I guess it comes from the fact that I have been nurturing a baby for so long, but really, is quite ridiculous. I have plenty of fat reserves!

I am going to do it though. As I haven't eaten since dinner last night I am already half way though. I am looking forward to the day being over, so that I can look back and see that it is possible. I am still having fluids of course, I already had my vital greens, and I have stocks of clear apple juice and cranberry juice if I need some energy, and I am planning on drinking lots of water. Once BB is in bed I will do the cleanse, and then after that, I plan to have a light snack and taking a relaxing bath before going to bed.

Meanwhile - I am sooo hungry right now! Must find some means of distraction - wake up BB!!!

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