Preparing for my SuperJuiceMe! Challenge

SuperJuiceMe! 28 Day Challenge
SuperJuiceMe! 28 Day Challenge

As many of you all know, I have a long standing interest in food and health and have followed and blogged about several different health challenges I have taken on in the past, The Juicy Body Transformation, the Elimination Diet and The Whole 30, to name just a few.

I have been supplementing my diet with a whole food product that gives me the phytonutrients from 33 fruits and vegetable in a capsule, for almost three years. This product has made a tremendous difference to my life, eliminating pain and increasing my energy. I think the fact that I can be consistent every day at getting such a wide variety of nutrients into my body is the key thing. I have juiced in the past. It's a challenge, it's messy and it's costly. Getting the 33 a day without much effort has made it very doable for me.

I've also done a few fasts and liquid only cleanses. These have also made me feel great. Giving the body a break from the task of digestion, giving the digestive tract an opportunity to clean itself. It also leaves more energy for healing in other areas of the body. I found I had heaps of energy (after the first few days of detox) and loved the vibrancy I felt as a result.

So, after watching this video, I have decided to combine the two and do Jason Vale's 28 Day SuperJuiceMe! challenge.

So, after sourcing a great little juicer and with Easter out of the way I am all set to start on this 28 day challenge tomorrow. I'll keep you posted with my progress.

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