Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Whole 30 - Summary Post

This post has been sitting in my drafts for a while, so I thought I would finally get it out there. I never really got around to doing proper introductions for grains and legumes. I have eaten hummus, but to be honest that was this weekend when I ate all manner of other stuff so I really can't comment.

Initially I thought rice was ok but now I am not so sure. Brown rice seems fine, but long grain basmati might not be. Sugar is definitely evil. I think dairy might be too, but I need to retest that really as the dairy reaction could have been confused with sugar (I ate lots of ice cream!).

So, as you know I gradually began to drift away from my new habits and decided to try and do a Whole 30 June, without the blogging. It didn't work - it seems I need the accountability and commitment to getting those photos out to you guys to actually make me stick to it (sad I know!). At the weekend I was away from home and managed to eat pastries, cake, rice, bread and a sugary desert, and drink champagne, and wine, and eat sweets!

I feel hideous! You would have thought it would be easier to stick to eating well when it makes so much difference to how I feel, but apparently not! I am determined though. I am getting back on track with the Whole 30 July (yes I know there are 31 days in July - perhaps this can be a signifier that it is to go beyond) and I am going to combine it with exercise this time, even though that may just be the Wii 

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