Going Blonde

 So having vowed never to dye my hair again and to proudly wear my true colours, I think I might go blonde!

When I was young, so young that 30 seemed ancient, I always said I was going peroxide blonde for my 30th birthday. It never happened. Instead I kept dying my hair back to its natural dark brown whilst my roots became whiter and whiter. Until October that is, when I shaved it off for charity and decided not to waste any more of my money or my life getting my hair dyed, and to proudly wear my true colours.

Funny how its turned out really. Now I am really loving the white part of my hair and curse the dark brown ones that intersperse it. Ironically, I now can't wait for it all to go white! But what to do in the interim? I have been thinking about going blonde for a a few months, but then I think why would I 'yellow' that lovely white hair.

BB is however a bit concerned about my grey hair. Having just witnessed the death of our nana, and then all the explanations about when and how people die, and often it is 'just because they are old', my white hair bothers him. He wants me to have black hair again so I wont die.

Then on Tuesday BB was involved in a little incident (he got his leg stuck behind a bar he was climbing on in a shopping centre and the bar actually had to be removed to free him!) and all the people that were attending to him kept referring to me as his granny... maybe I should just cave in to public expectations and hide my natural colours - after all only men are allowed to go grey.

Then there is the possibility that I might just manage to get pregnant again. Am I bold enough to walk the streets grey haired and pregnant? Maybe not.

I am definitely not dyeing it dark again, nor to I plan to spend the time or money in a salon. With hair as short as mine is now, dyeing at home is easy, and I can just do the whole lot each time instead of worrying about the roots and the condition of the ends,. And if it all goes hideously wrong it wont take too long to grow out, or I could shave it all off again...

So I bought this

Now I just have to pluck up the courage to do it!

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