Paris je t'aime - Stationery review

Cover of Paris je t'aime journal from Life Canvas

We returned from our holiday in Paris to find a parcel waiting for us. Inside, two items from the Paris je t'aime stationery range for us to review.

I love this. The journal has a hard cover and each of its 160 pages inside has a design on - there are 10 different page designs in total, and they repeat throughout the book.

One of the page designs inside the book

Another page design

This is the kind of book that I want to keep for a special occasion. I want to use it for something that we will keep, not just a notebook. The beauty of it makes me want to do my best handwriting inside it too. I think I am going to use to document our trips to Paris, we go there quite frequently as PP is French. BB is learning French too, informally of course. I imaging we will go many more times, and at some pint BB is likely to go with his Daddy and PP and not me (I am so not ready for that yet!). Anyway - I am thinking that I can put some notes and photos from the trips that we have done so far, and then add to it as we do more. This will hopefully be a lovely memory book for BB to keep long into the future.

I also received a little booklet of post it notes. These are also divine, there are 11 designs in two different sizes, each with a little image of its own. I have hidden these from BB - he loves to take my little post it tabs from my desk.

Sticky notes

Presented in a beautiful little fold out book

2 sizes - 11 designs - 275 sticky notes
You can see more (and enjoy a little Parisienne music) in the video below

As you can probably tell - I would definitely recommend these products. They make a lovely gift, or a little bit of stationery self indulgence for yourself.

Disclaimer: These products were received free of charge for the purpose of this review as part of the Parragon Book Buddies Program. All opinions are our own.

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