Operation Lard Reduction

 Today I weighed in at 83.5 kilos. That's more than I was when I miscarried (81.3kg), but less than was a week ago (85.1kg). I feel disgusting and can't stand to catch sight of my reflection. Something has to change. Regardless of whether I decide to try to conceive again or not, losing some lard and improving my health will only be of benefit.

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I am going to try a few strategies. I really feel like doing a juice fast. I felt absolutely amazing when I did the first week of the elimination diet, and the Whole30 really worked well for me too. I also heard yesterday about the potato hack - which I am not so keen on as it doesn't sound as nutritious as the other approaches, but I do love potatoes, so I might just try it for a few days and see.

The plan is to do Stage 1 of the Elimination Diet for 6 days starting today - with a couple of additions of foods that I reintroduced early on that caused no problems - namely black coffee, carrots, broccoli and capsicum peppers. I am also going to use Avocado oil rather than Olive oil for cooking.

I am going to try and drink lots of water for this whole time and only one cup of coffee to kick start my day.

Then I am planning to do a 3 day juice fast.

After that we are off to Paris for a weekend so that will be a challenge - but I will try to stay grain free at least for the time we are away. I might try the potato thing after that - but I'm not quite convinced about it yet. Some more juicing might be on the cards though. Maybe alternate day fasting with juice on the fasting days? We'll see...

Last year I had a Whole30 buddy, Mary, over at Molly and The Princess. We decided last night that July would be Whole30 month again. I am looking forward to that already, and as the Whole30 is without doubt the healthiest I have ever eaten, I have no problems with TTC whilst doing that - if that's what we decide.

I am of course going to try and up the exercise too, but with a toddler permanently in tow this is always a challenge. We have the Wii though, and I can walk lots, and perhaps when BB is in nursery (hours recently reduced dramatically but that's a whole different story) or on a weekend when DD is here, I could go for a run or a swim...

So - here we go.

Vital Stats at the start of all this

Weight - 83.5kg
Chest - 118cm
Waist - 106cm
Hips - 112cm
Bum - 112cm

Image - I really can't bring myself to take one, but it's not a great deal different to when I was pregnant, just a bit wobblier!

Goal - to look half decent in a dress at DD & PP's wedding on August 9th.

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