Happy Mother's Day

For the third year I get to celebrate being a Mum. For me, just to have the joy of being a mum is enough, but I got cards and flowers and a nice lunch too!

I also got to spend Friday with my Mum and her Mum. Another thing for which I am so grateful. Both are amazing ladies and despite the fact that I look forward to returning home again, being close by these two women is great. My Nana will be 99 in July and still lives in her own own home. This does require quite a lot of support from my fabulous Mum, but they both just get on with it. BB loves spending time with them too. I am so happy that he has this opportunity to know them both.

BB insisted that the card we made for Grandma was also for Gramps, and we got to spend Saturday at the beach with both of them, plus my sister H. The weather was quite lovely for the time of year - 20ÂșC at the coast. It seemed really sunny compared to how its been, but the photos give away the low level of UV we have gotten used to over the winter months when I describe this as a bright and sunny day!

It was great to be out though, we got to make and break sandcastles, fly a kite, and throw rocks into the sea (BB's favourite thing of the day). Then we explored the fairground, BB bounced on the bouncy castle and threw himself into the ball pit a few times, much to the amusement of his audience.

I was spoilt with gifts and cards too. BB made a lovely card for me at nursery

BB's card he made at nursery

He also went with Daddy this morning to buy some flowers and another card - in which he has drawn us at the beach throwing rocks yesterday.

My flowers from DD and BB

BB's picture of us throwing rocks in the sea

DD also made a lovely lunch, with Prosecco, and helped BB do this with the Aquadoodle mat that we  currently have on loan from a friend.

It was a lovely day.

Somewhat ironic though that Mothers across the UK lost another hour of sleep today.

Brilliant that British Summer Time has started though. May it be a fine one!

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  1. Sounds like great fun!!!

  2. As an outsider just reading your thoughts, it seems you'd be happier moving & you're right that you happier means BB happier too. It's always hard to make a leap, but from the place I've been these last few months, I say do it! It sounds like you'd regret not & regrets just feed that depression & unhappiness.
    Good luck, whichever you choose, I just wish you happiness in that choice.

  3. Happy Mother's Day to you! Glad you were spoiled...as you deserve!

  4. I had the same thoughts as Tiara - that what you've written here make it seem pretty clear that a move would be the best thing for you and for BB. I'm excited for you!

  5. Thanks guys. Yes I'm fairly certain I'm going. There might be a slight change of plan with the timeline but we'll see. The latest we'll leave the UK is August next year...

  6. Em, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend :-( What a terrible loss. xxx
    You know in your heart where you'll be happier. Where you'll be happier is where you'll be a better parent and kinder to yourself. I'll miss you lots, and don't know if we'll ever be able to afford five airfares, but who knows, maybe when the boys are at uni, Izzy and I can come out to see you? Much love and see you in just over a fortnight xx