Why Mums Might Want To Drop The Glasses

If you’re the mother of a young child, or you have a baby on the way, you’re probably quite familiar with all of the common issues discussed for mums of infants. Really, it all boils down to one simple claim: nothing matches the joy of motherhood. Yet, at the same time, you’re facing some of the biggest, most annoying hassles of your life. These include stocking up on Huggies, assembling cribs, waking up all night, etc... But one such hassle that doesn’t tend to get a whole lot of attention is corrective vision.

No, having a baby won’t change your eyesight or vision-related needs, but it will absolutely make you think twice about wearing glasses for the following nightmarish reasons:

  • Nothing is messier than a newborn baby, except for possibly a baby who’s been around for a few months. For this reason, you’ll be dealing with all the lovely motherhood side effects: spit-up, messy foods, milk, formula, sticky fingers, etc... And make no mistake, some of it will end up on your lenses. You can always clean your glasses off, but continually dealing with smudges, stickiness and obstruction is a pain.

  • The baby won’t care about the integrity of your lenses or frames. What this means is that he or she will likely knock your glasses clean off your face at some point, simply in the act of squirming or thrashing, or at the very least you’ll have your glasses constantly jostled. Handling your child is demanding enough without having to worry about holding onto your only source of clear vision.

  • Another factor is that glasses are one more thing to remember. The day will come when, in the hustle and bustle of throwing together a baby bag to leave the house, you forget your glasses sitting on a desk somewhere and won't realize it until you’re out on the road and can’t read street signs. Needless to say, this is less than ideal!

It is for these reasons that a number of new mums can benefit from an alternative source of corrective vision. The simplest, and still most popular option, is to switch to contact lenses, and truthfully after a quick adjustment period you’ll barely know you’re wearing them. Acuvue has some helpful articles and tips available online for those switching to contacts for the first time, so you first-timers out there will want to take a look.

The other popular option, if you’re not interested in contact lenses, is laser eye surgery. This is now a fairly advanced practice and perfectly safe for many women. However, it’s a bit more daunting. It’s also a bigger expense, which can be troublesome when you suddenly have another mouth to feed!

In the end, this little bit of advice is well worth heeding: try something besides glasses. Contact lenses can free you up to deal with your child without having to worry about messiness, clumsiness, destruction, loss, and other detriments. Something other than glasses will also give you one less thing to worry about in what will be some busy days ahead.

This is a guest post written by Cameron Hoyle. Cameron is a freelance writer and designer, as well as a busy mother of three, who loves incorporating her family experience into her work whenever possible.

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