Maybe I just need a new sofa!

I am aware that this sounds rather glib, but it is a thought has repeatedly entered my mind so I thought I'd share as it illustrates my present state of torment.

Maybe its not a baby I want, but a new sofa.

I first had this thought a couple of weeks ago. We were staying in an enormous holiday home with my folks and I was laying on the most comfortable three seater sofa, reading.  Suddenly a thought popped into my head "If I can't have a baby, maybe I'll get a new sofa!".  I chastised myself for even comparing the idea of a baby with a sofa - how could I even think that way. But when I got home I sat on my own sofa and had the thought again, I actually started googling!

My lounge suite is not the best. I bought the whole lot for £70 from a charity shop when I first got the house, and then spent the same amount on 'sofa savers' to stop you from sinking right through them to the floor. It's a good colour though - a rich orange, reminds me of the Simpson Desert and brings a little warmth into my home. Its great that I don't care what BB spills on it, but it's old and smelly and not all that comfortable either.

The thought of a new sofa keeps coming back. I even confessed it to DD when he was last here. It's hard to ascertain whether I am being practical, or if it is just my brain's clever way of protecting me from the fact that the results of the fertility tests might come back against me. I am finding it so hard to know what I really think. I went for the scan and blood tests last Friday, and I get the results in a couple of weeks time. Reality is though, despite what I first thought, with all the added costs, I can't really afford IVF. IUI  probably won't be advised at my age, and could just be money down the drain. Maybe I should just forget the whole idea and move on.

red leather sofa
Red Leather sofa (image taken from here)
So here I am investing lots of thought into the type of sofa I want, just so I know what to spend my money on if the need arises! Leather I think, for the feel and practicality of being able to wipe it clean. I would love a deep red one, just to keep the warmth in my lounge, but maybe brown is more practical when you have a toddler with pens to contend with. I found some sofas I really like at Furniture Choice . They are really affordable compared to other places I have looked. I think I'd want to lay on them before I purchased though…

Aaaaarghhhh! Roll on two weeks time.

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  1. I thought brown was a good choice. Until The Icing Sugar Incident. Red would be the kindest for any a red wine stain. Hope the results come back in your favour.

  2. I have been searching your blog for a post on icing sugar! Is there one? I don't thing red will cope very well with the icing sugar either, but I like your thinking on the red wine!

  3. So, OK, if I am crazy, I'm not the only one. :-) I find myself wondering regularly if I should do such and such instead of trying again. I think part of it probably for both of us is the anxiety of how everything will come out. We can have control of some of these decisions even if we have no control of our fertility.