Thomas & Friends Small Talking Thomas Engine - Review

Thomas and Friends Small Talking Thomas Engine
Thomas and Friends Small Talking Thomas Engine

Thomas the Tank Engine has long been a favourite in our family. The author, Rev. W Awdry, was the vicar at the church in the village where my mum grew up, and she had a great friendship with his daughter. Naturally then, even though I was a girl born in the days before we got upset about gender stereotyping, I was raised with Thomas.

BB loves trains. Thomas is top of the list. We have a Thomas toy box, and Thomas shelves, and a few Thomas books. Each time we go to the library, one of the books (rationed by me or there would be more!) is a Thomas book. We watch at least one episode of the TV show on Milkshake every day, and his train set is by far his most used toy. He has recently started to play out little Thomas scenes with his own train set which is a joy to observe.

You can imagine then, his excitement  when a new Thomas came to live at our house earlier this week. A Small Talking Thomas engine to be precise. The look on his face when he opened the box and and the little blue engine said "Hello, I'm Thomas" was delightful.

The talking Thomas has a few other phrases, such as "Bust my buffers!", and "I'm a really useful engine", and a couple of whistle sounds. He also makes a train noise as you push him along the floor, or over your tummy and down your leg as BB likes to do. It seems quite robust and durable too.

It comes with battery already fitted so it's ready to go. The box is quite cute too, and although I did put it in the recycling bin, I had to get it out again as it is apparently "Thomas' shed" where he sleeps at night!

Hours of entertainment ahead, this Thomas is quite affordable and would make an ideal gift for any little boy with a love of trains (that seems to be most of them, right?).

Thomas the Tank Engine is available at Argos online.

Discalimer: This post is in association with Argos

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