10 Great Gifts for a Two Year Old Boy

Thinking of what to buy a two year old for their birthday can be hard! As BB received some excellent presents for his second Birthday, I thought it would be worth sharing a list of the absolute best gift ideas for a two year old boy. Prices vary from very cheap, to quite pricey, so there should be something here to suit your budget.

Little Tikes Play House
Little Tikes Play House BB gets hours of joy from this little house. It is frequently a shop, selling all manner of things, usually imaginary ice cream or coffee, but also sand, stones, toys, and fruit and veg. Sometimes it's a kitchen where he cooks, occasionally its just a hang out for friends, practically its a
great place to store the outdoor toys overnight! BB has had good use from this as his Grandparents gave it to him a couple of months before his birthday (when it was on special offer!) so that he had it for the whole summer. I imagine he will spend some rainy winter days in there too! 

This was another big purchase. Whenever anyone asked what he wanted for his birthday I asked for money towards this - my Nana and sister ended up buying it between them. It's great in that it stands in my office so he always has something to do for a few minutes if I get called to the computer to work at any point. It is also very portable so we have been using it outside frequently during the nice weather we have had. The one we chose has a black board, a white board, and a paper roll, as well as trays for standing you paints and storing your pens and chalk.

Brio Train Set
Brio Components
Trains, trains, trains! BB loves trains. His Dad gave him the My First Railway pack for his first birthday and then added to it this year. I have seen lots of people that have lots more than us - including those with specially designed coffee tables. If you have the space I guess that's fine, but actually I think the tables are quite limiting. BB designs and builds a new track every day, we have added rivers from tissue paper and boats from match boxes. We have also picked up second hand engines and track components from our local second and toy traders. This is definitely a great present with so many possibilities and has provided hours and hours of entertainment.

Magnetic Colours Book
Magnetic Colours Book
If you have a smaller budget, then check out this book. It's a board book with pages organised by colour, with 36 picture magnets to stick in place. Its a great interactive way to learn colours and some new vocabulary and is good as an activity to share with a parent or older child.

Ready Bed
Toddler Ready Bed
A friend visiting from Australia bought BB a fabulous Ready Bed. It's a great novelty and practical for when you go away on your holidays, saving you money on hotel rooms. They also pack up quite small and so fit in your suitcase.

Play Dough Bakery
Play Dough Bakery
As you know, BB loves cooking, so he was really impressed with this Play Dough Bakery. Up until now I have always made our own play dough, but recently we got to see all the gadgets that you can get to go with Play Dough and so added a set to our wish list. This set includes Play Dough Plus, which is softer and used for the frosting. The Play Dough set is something else we will add too, and we can always make more dough of our own too.

Trunkisaurus Rex

Trunkisaurus Rex Ride on Suitcase
This is another great novelty gift with very practical applications. BB uses this when ever we go on holiday to take his toys. If you travel by plane it fits within the carry-on luggage dimensions, your toddler can ride on it and be pulled along for the log walks through the airport, and they have things to occupy them when on board. (BB actually got this for his first Birthday, but it's really just coming into it's own now - manufacturers guidelines say that it is most suitable for 3-6 yr olds).

Little Tikes Car and Trailer
Little Tikes Trailer
Last year BB got the Little Tikes Car, this year the trailer was added. He has hours of fun with the car. I was personally disappointed as it doesn't seem to do much, but he is happy to sit in it and just watch the world. He also like to have a picnic at the wheel. the trailer has added a new dimension to his play as he  transports sand and stones around the garden. Here he is giving the car a well earned wash.

Animal Snap Cards
Animal Snap Cards
BB was given some fun Animal Snap Cards for his birthday too. Although he can't quite understand the actual game of snap yet, he loves the cards and we have created all sorts of other games. First I placed two of each on the floor face up and his job was to find pairs of the same animal. Then we soon moved on to finding four of each. We practice counting with them, as well as the animal names, and colours. We recently played it with his Aunties and Grandma, where he made the rules and told everyone which animal to collect. I have also taken just 8 cards (4 pairs) and placed them face down to play a traditional pairs game. Although he can do this on the iPad, he's not quite getting the fact that you have to turn them back when you have looked at them yet. We have also played where we each have a hand and I ask him if he has a frog, he asks me if I have a duck etc, and we swap. This is a really cheap present with lots of potential if you are looking for a little gift to take to a birthday party, or that is easy to send in the mail.


Frugi Clothing
Our absolute favourite brand of children's clothing is Frugi. As
well as being ethically manufactured using remarkably soft organic cotton that washes and wears incredibly well, they also have some amazingly cute designs. I seem to have done my job at letting everyone know that these are the clothes we like the best as BB got 2 T-Shirts, some PJ's and a jumper this year. Without a doubt they do cost a little more than some brands, but I have found that the quality and durability actually makes them really worth the extra initial outlay.  The sizes are also quite generous and they somehow seem to fit for longer than most clothes too. There are often sales on the website and you can sign up to be sent information about offers by email.

Disclaimer - many of these links are affiliate links, as explained here, but as always, they are our genuine opinions and we only promote the things we truly love!

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