Whole 30 Day 5

I didn't blog last night as I had a guest arrive, I also realised when I woke up this morning that I hadn't planned todays meals either, but I have rectified that part of problem.

Quickly then, here are my meals from day 5

The last of my left over pork pie with a fried egg

tuna salad
A very quick and simple salad of mixed leaves and
a tin of tuna with a little balsamic dressing

egg salad
Mixed leaves, grated carrot, beetroot, spring onion,
avocado, eggs, tomatoes and balsamic dressing

banana, passionfruit and coconut milk
Banana, passion fruit and coconut milk

It was a hot day (well, for the UK it was hot), so salads were the the way to go. I drank over 2L of water. Still not 100% so no exercise - planning a walk later and a swim tomorrow to get myself back on track with that.

Also doing Whole 30 July

Molly and The Princess

Anyone else out there blogging about Whole30 July? Let me know if you wish to link up 

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