Whole 30 Day 4

I am feeling much better today. My appetite was enormous too.

I had leftovers from yesterday for breakfast, some of each the omelette and the pork pie. Then for lunch I had more of the pork pie with salad, followed by strawberries and coconut milk. For dinner I just had to have Salmon after seeing Molly and The Princess' lovely food for the last two days served with salad and sauteed sweet potato, followed by banana and coconut milk. As I said, I was hungry!

I forgot to photograph the banana and coconut milk, but you know what it looks like!

I am definitely experiencing a bit of detox. I was so thirsty too and have drunk over 2L of water today with ease. I ate a lot today. I remember on the last whole30 I ate a lot too. I worried then that I was eating too much and I guess if I carry on like this I will wonder again. I also think I may have overdone the fat today. Everything cooked was cooked in a fat, and then I had an olive oil and balsamic dressing on the salad, plus the two lots of coconut milk. It's not something I am going to worry about too much at this stage - right now I am just happy to be sticking to the allowed foods in roughly the right amounts - but it is something to be aware of I think.

My absolute favourite part of today was what my son ate for dinner. Earlier today our shopping arrived and helped me unpack. When he found the bread he literally jumped up and down with joy and squealed "yeah, yeah, bread, yeah"  and then did a little excited dance. I am not Whole30ing my son,  though I have become much more aware of what he is eating, and as my diet has changed, his has slightly too. He does still eat bread but with me not eating it, the loaf goes mouldy before it's finished, so he hasn't had any for a day or so. I felt a bit sad for my poor deprived child at seeing such joy at the arrival of a simple loaf of bread. Then he found bread sticks and repeated the same little routine, "yeah, sticks, yeah!" and I felt guilty - maybe I have passed on the addiction! 

For dinner he wanted bread! I let him have some, along with some salmon and cucumber and sweet potato and grapes. I gave him a third of a salmon steak to start with, he wanted more and had another third, and then another third! And what was the main thing left on his plate when he had finished? Bread - Yeah!

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  1. So glad you are feeling better and your appetite has returned. Your food looks gorgeous (as always) and it is nice you got to enjoy it. That is funny about your son! My daughter (now grown up) has always been a real bread fiend. I don't miss it at all, but I think some people just have a real taste for it.

    Well done on another Whole30 day complete!