My Ideal Kitchen

Since I started the Whole30 and adopted a Paleo diet, I am cooking more than ever. Three 'proper' meals a day. That means a lot of pots and pans, and a lot of washing up. It also means I am always searching for space on the benchtop, in the fridge, and for new appliances. I dream of a bigger kitchen, and new gadgets daily, so when asked if I would like to write a post about my ideal kitchen I was more than happy to oblige.

My dream kitchen would be BIG! It would have deep wooden benches, and be a very light and open space. I picture a large wooden dining table beyond one of the work tops, against a wall of glass with stunning views over the vegetable patch and out to rolling green hills, or maybe a wide blue ocean. These are the best images I can find to give the idea of what I am meaning - but not quite how it is in my dream.

There would be a double sink, or maybe two, a huge fridge freezer, a large built-in oven and a sizeable induction hob too.

I would keep all laundry items out of the kitchen - there would be a separate room for those. A microwave can be handy - I don't use them much, only to melt ghee and reheat things really, not for cooking, as to me, things never taste so good from a microwave.

I am currently hanging out for one of the super blender/juicers. I saw the Vitamix in action at Britmums and my research into this product has also led me to discover this great Australian Optimum blender, which could suit me even better.

I also have lots of less expensive items on my current dream list. One of the greatest new discoveries of my Paleo lifestyle is sweet potato chips. I made some of those for BB's birthday party. I sliced the sweet potato with a knife, but realised that a mandoline would make for a far more consistent thickness and crispiness. That will realistically be my next purchase, meanwhile, the rest is nice dream!

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  1. I miss my chickens a lot - every time I look out my kitchen window to an empty coop it just makes me sad. But I accept that hauling 25 lb bags of feed up three flights of stairs is not good for me, plus the stress of taking care of more things, plus the fact that their coop is in terrible disrepair and should really be completely overhauled before I get more chickens. I can wait a few years and then broach the subject when I'm ready. But right now I do miss them.

  2. Glad to know I am not the only crazy chicken mama! I have to ask where it is that you keep chickens up three flights of stairs! I need to do work on the hen house too, and the run... I'm still deliberating the pros and cons - missing them and their eggs though.