Drink More Water!

I need to drink more water!

How hard can it be?

I don't understand why I am struggling with this. I always used to drink heaps of water, though I did live in the desert for 10 years, I suppose that helped! Even in the UK though, when BB was first born, I would drink 1 1/2 litres during the night! Now I seem to have some kind of mental/physical block. I know I need to drink more, but I don't. I even sit here at my desk thinking that I am thirsty and need more water but I often don't drink it - even if there is some right there!

It is for that reason that one of my nutritional goals on the Whole30 is to drink more water.

I have been searching the internet for inspiration and found this great post How to Drink More Water Everyday on WikiHow. Lots of the ideas are of no use to me as they require having someone to 'play' the game with, but I still think it's great and worth sharing.

I also found this 10 reasons to drink more water, all of which I actually knew anyway, but it really doesn't hurt to be reminded.

My strategy to drink more water? I am actually making myself a little tick chart for all the goals on my whole 30 - yes this may seem bonkers but I think it will help motivate me. In the water section I am going to record how much pure water (not that in tea, coffee etc) I consume each day, see if I can gradually increase it to 2+ litres, and then add up the total at the end.

My plan is to fill three bottles every day. The orange  1L bottle will stay in the kitchen, the middle plastic bottle (not ideal I know, but it was new yesterday and won't see the sun) contains 750mL and will live in my office, and the blue one is the one I always carry with me when I go out, that contains 500mL. Thats 2.25L. If I could drink it all I would be really happy, if I had to refill I would be ecstatic,  but I will be satisfied with 1.5L for now.

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