Whole 30 Resources Are Available Free

Several people I know in real life have expressed an interest in the Whole 30 since I have been going on about it, but don't have the funds to buy the book right now.  That is not a problem. Unlike most diet and eating plans, all that you need is available free.

The best place to start might be with the details of The Whole 30 Program. Then take a look at The Quick Start Guide followed by the Shopping List (there is also a vegetarian version) and a general guide on doing your Grocery Shopping and Pantry Stocking.

The program requires you to eat 3 meals a day and to not snack between meals. Each meal should be made up of a protein, a fat and lots of veg, and occasionally a serve of fruit. The Meal Planning Guide will help you get started. The book It Starts With Food does have quite an extensive "Meal Map" in it, which I believe does make it worth the purchase when you can afford it. There is a little bit of info about the Meal Map here. Alternatively you can just check out some of my Whole 30 Recipes. If you do a search for Whole 30 Recipes on the internet, you will also find heaps more ideas.

The Whole 9 Blog is also really useful, and recent post The Official "Can I have... guide to the Whole 30 will be particularly helpful.

There is also a Forum which is available free, you just have to become a member (which is free).

If you feel you need further help, you can sign up for the Whole30 Daily which does have a fee attached. I didn't use that last time, but I am going to sign up this time, partly to see what it has to offer, and also because I am hoping it will add to my learning experience and help me to stay on track.

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