Noroclear Hygiene Travel Pack - Review

I am generally one of those parents that supports children "building their immune system". I try not to worry to much about BB coming into contact with dirt, and at home he regularly picks up food that he has dropped on the floor and eats it. I do however know that my floor is relatively clean. I wipe it after every meal and mop it most nights. I also clean his tray and chair with disinfectant spray after every meal.

When we are out though, the rules are different! When he was a baby I used to worry about things like the shopping trolley, and wipe the baby seat with a disinfecting wipe before I put him in. You will be pleased to know I am over that now, but I do still give his hands a good clean when he gets out of the shopping trolley, especially before he eats.

Noroclear Hygiene Travel Pack

We recently received a Noroclear Hygiene Travel Pack from free of charge so that we could write a review. The pack includes skin wipes, surface wipes and some foaming hand cleaner. We have been using the product for a couple of weeks now and have put it to the test in several ways.

Firstly, our friends from Australia arrived carrying the tail end of a stomach bug that had floored them all. G used the same change table as BB, but we wiped it with the surface wipes each time. BB stayed clear of the bug, though of course I can't guarantee that this is due to the wipes, it is a good sign. We have also used it to clean a high chair when dining out. The pack is a good size to keep in your handbag, or the baby's lunch bag and so they are quite handy to carry with you. The wipes are quite tough and have a different texture to to the skin wipes as well as being in a different colour pack, so this helps to make sure that you don't get the two confused.

Onto the skin wipes, we have mainly used these when we have been out. BB and I often go to the park and then take a little picnic snack with us to eat after so these have been ideal for cleaning his hands between the playground and eating activities. They are quite foamy, which at first I found a bit annoying, but actually I think it could be helpful. The wipes say that they kill bugs in 1 minute, and the foaminess means you have to wipe over several times, especially on little hands, so in a way they force you into doing a thorough clean.

The hand disinfecting foam contains exactly the same ingredients as the skin wipes, and is also good to use, though I haven't tried it on BB (wipes are so much easier for him) but I have used it myself. The instructions regarding the amount to use are a bit unclear, it says "an appropriate amount". I wondered at first what this meant. How did I know how much was appropriate to kill germs from my hands? Well, once I used it it became clear and I would recommend 2 pumps for adult hands and 1 for children. This is also quite nice to use and dries quickly with some rubbing.

You can find out more about each product, and other products in the range, at

The Noroclear Hygiene Travel Pack was sent to us free of charge for the purposes of  this review. No payment was received for this post and the observations and opinions are 100% mine

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