Whole 30 Day 20 and some reflections

I was hungry today. A couple of reasons I think. One, the alcohol I drank yesterday was giving me cravings for bad things, and 2 I had smaller portions; just 2 eggs for breakfast, and the chicken had to be shared between 3 at lunch time. It was all nice though, and my dinner, pork stuffed butternut squash was a new made up recipe that was really rather scrummy.

Scrambled eggs with spinach and garlic mushrooms

Chicken and salad, with an olive oil dressing

Pork Stuffed Butternut squash

Some reflections on the last 10 days.

  • It is hard to do the Whole 30 if you want to be sociable
  • Alcohol really isn't good. I really felt the effects of yesterday's wine, much much more so than I do normally. I am wondering if it is because of the lack of carbs, or maybe it's just that my body is so much cleaner after 19 days of whole 30 so the ill effects show up more. I was awake from 2 am to 5am, just wide awake, which is apparently a typical effect of drinking alcohol when you get older. I also had bloodshot eyes when I went to bed last night, which I am wondering if they might be related. I only drank 2 glasses, plus a little dribble left in the bottom of the bottle too. Today has been hard and full of cravings for sweet things as a result, I am tired and I swear I can feel my liver still suffering (though I accept that could be imagined). I am thinking that if I am to stick with a low carb diet, which I think I will, the alcohol might have to go too. I could end up way healthier than I ever intended!
  • Grapes - there was some speculation when I did the elimination diet that I might be sensitive to grapes, I am wondering if this might be part of the reason wine made me feel so bad. When I retested it didn't appear to be true, but I might test again.
  • My food has been good. I am really enjoying cooking and eating this way. I will go on beyond day 30 with the 3 healthy meals and no snacking for sure, though I will try and reintroduce some other foods in too and see how I go. 
  • I am thinking that perhaps I should extend the Whole 30 a bit, to make up for my breaking it. I'll make that decision on day 30 though not now!

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