Waiting is hard!

I'm not doing a very good job at waiting this time. You know how you always think it's going to be easier as you have had more practice, well that NEVER is the the case. The last few cycles I have not really been all that hopeful though so it was not too bad.

I pretty much gave up hope on this one too, around CD17 I accepted that it was an anovulatory cycle. The Fertility monitor still has me peeing on a stick every day and tells me I didn't even ovulate yet.

My temperatures tell a different story though.

That's almost triphasic, right? Its the best chart I have had since BB was born as waking in the night and breastfeeding seem to have an effect. FF is pretty certain I ovulated, and it is on the day that I expected it, and that I felt like I ovulated, and is was the day the test stick was a bit iffy - so there is a chance I really did, and that I really could be pregnant!

On the other hand, the monitor could be right, in which case I have no chance at all.

I have been having symptoms, like mild nausea and a sore abdomen, though that could be attributed to reintroducing foods that my body is not so keen on. It's hard to tell what's what. Yesterday I was soooo tired that I went to bed at the same time as BB, but that could just be due to eating the evil crystals (sugar) on Saturday.

I also noticed a huge blue vein on my boob yesterday - but its not so prominent today.

My boobs don't hurt though and I have tested and it was negative...

...but it could just be that I am too early.

Waiting is so hard!

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