Exercising at home with toddler and Whole 30 Day 23

I have pretty much decided that this is going to be a whole 40! I can fit another 10 days in, plus the 12 days for reintroductions before the next social event that will make my life tricky. That means I have another 29 days to go, which does seem a bit daunting, but only a little bit as I am loving it really. I will have to get into the book and get some more meal ideas though.

I also need to do some more exercise. I have been walking a lot with the buggy for the last couple of weeks as our weather here has been great. I also spent some time working in the allotment, and BB requires running after much more these days too, so I'm not sedentary by any means, but I would like to do more. It is hard for me to get any other exercise though as I always have BB on my own, except for the 4 hours that he goes to nursery, when I have to work my socks off. I used to enjoy running before he was born, but that is impossible now. Swimming too was a favourite. Now I swim with BB, but it's hardly exercise for me.

We do have Wii Fit Plus. I have been thinking about it, but it weighs you each time you use it so I have been keeping away. Yesterday, I was feeling really conscious of my belly fat. I 'deflated' a bit when I stopped eating wheat so my fat feels more wobbly now. I decided that it was silly not to use my only means of exercise because of the weighing. When I first started this, yes, it would have been a problem. I would have been obsessed with my weight. Now however I think I will be fine. It's not so much about the weight anymore, but how I feel. I feel heaps better, and I have the energy to exercise, so it really feels like it should be my next step.

So, once BB was in bed last night I pulled out the Wii. Only to find that it wouldn't work. There was a disk error, when I pulled out the disk I could see why - an enormous scratch! BB does like to eject the disk - I leave it in though so that he can't poke anything else into  the slot!

I was disappointed.

So, I got online and bought myself a new Wii Fit Plus (game only). Then this morning I also bought the Zumba Package. I have been thinking about this for a while too. It can be hard to use Wii Fit Plus with BB around as he wants to play too, so he steps on the board with me and  it gets a bit hazardous for both of us. That really means I am restricted to exercising when he is in bed - which is also when I do most of my work so one thing (exercise) always has to give. I think with the Zumba one he will be fine and I will be able to do it while he is awake as he will be able to join in too, without endangering the health of either of us. Perhaps prematurely, I also bought Zumba 2 while I was at it, as it seemed such a bargain! I can't wait until they all arrive.

This has also reminded me of dancing. Its crazy I know, but I had a rule for a while when I was living in Alice that I had to dance to to the first song that came into my head every morning before breakfast. If I didn't have it in my music collection I would find it on You Tube or iTunes and dance away - sometimes it was quite a work out if you got a long fast track! It was fun and a great way to start the day (though dancing might be a misleading description, perhaps 'freestyle movement to music' would be more accurate!).   BB loves dancing too. We have  played music and danced together on many occasion but we need more music. I had the idea today to make a YouTube Playlist for us both. When I get round to it I'll share it. Promise not to come and look in our windows though - it could be a bit embarrassing!

My work load has also been increasing recently. I am finding it hard to fit it all in and am seriously thinking of having BB go to nursery for a second morning a week so that I don't have to do so much at night. If I do that I think I might be able to go swimming once a week too.

So, lots of plans to move move more!

Back to Whole 30 food though, here's what I ate today.

Whole 30 Food eggs asparagus and tomatoes
Breakfast: Eggs, asparagus and tomatoes

Whole 30 food fish cooked in avocado oil with salad
Lunch: White fish fried in avocado oil, with a salad

Whole 30 food turkey mice chilli with mashed parsnip and broccoli
Dinner: Turkey mince chilli with mashed parsnip and broccoli

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  1. your review of the book was very interesting so i got it and read it, and was trying to do the Whole30. But sometimes I find it really challenging. I do very vigorous workouts (Insanity) and I think I need more carbs with them. I feel headachy and nauseous sometimes, which I attribute to insufficient carbs.

    The other thing is I can't wrap my head around giving up dairy for a month. I eat a lot of plain, whole fat yogurt (well, it's my breakfast every day). I decided to try it without giving up dairy to start. I'm not sure if that's part of the problem.

    Do you get hungry? Headachy?

  2. No I haven't been hungry or headachy at all. Apart from when I got a sickness bug, I have had really high energy. I eat quite big portions though. There are lots of carbs in vegetables and fruit so you can always eat more of those. Are you eating enough fat? I would try it without dairy. You can do it - you just have to make breakfast like any other meal of the day - which can be hard to do at first, but using leftovers from the day before really helps. Keen to hear how you go - good luck.