Did I Ovulate?

Here I am once again in the 2WW - or at least I think I am! I am not entirely certain. As you know, I am using the Clearblue Fertility Monitor to help identify the best days for insemination. It has been great so far, giving me two peak days every cycle that tie in well with what my temperatures say when I am charting. This cycle it was not so good though. I am on CD21 today, and according to the monitor, still no ovulation.

I was expecting to see a peak reading on Friday. Everything about me felt like I was ovulating. All of the signs,  EWCM, sore nipples, temperature dip that morning, and the general feeling that it is about to happen. I was somewhat surprised that morning then when the reading was only high. I removed the test stick from the monitor and noticed that the end of the stick was still dry. I then watched as the liquid moved across the stick. I can't think of any logical or scientific reason as to why this delay should have occurred, I can only assure you that it did. I took a photo of the stick, which did show a dark LH line, and wondered if this meant the monitor had missed my first peak day. 

As I always get two peak days, I expected that I would get a peak the next day... 

But NO! 

I still haven't had a peak, the monitor is still asking me to pee on a stick every day, and every day it says high. I had pretty much accepted the idea that I might not have ovulated this cycle, and been through all the emotions that go with that, accepting the fact that I am just too old for this game... and then yesterday, my chart on Fertility Friend gave me crosshairs! It says I ovulated on Saturday and that I am now 5 dpo. That makes sense with what I thought originally, I usually O on the night of the first peak day - so maybe I am in with a chance. My graph looks good when compared to other graphs. Our timing was good if I did ovulate. 

What do you think?

So, I'm waiting again. Test official test date is next Saturday, 25th May - we'll see if I hold out that long!

You might also remember that I had an appointment booked with my GP for last Thursday too. The update on that is that I had a bug and was actually vomiting that morning so I had to cancel. The next available appointment was 22nd May, so I figured I might as well and see what the outcome of this cycle is before I re-book.

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  1. Hi BM. I never used the ovulation sticks so don't really know the science of what you're expecting (even though I just read your post - it went over my head). Just wanted to share though that I became aware I had anovulatory cycles while I was TTC F. I had a cancelled FET because of a premature follicle rupture (eggs released before they were mature). This obviously didn't happen every cycle because I did eventually conceive. I think it was part of the fertility slow down though in my case. But, as I say, I don't really know how that would register with your ovulation test. Anyway, lots of luck for this cycle.

  2. Thanks Mama Bear. Yes I really was ready to accept that it was anovulatory, but my temperatures suggest otherwise... I think if I didn;t ovulate the monitor would do just what it is doing now though... can but wait and see!

  3. Update: FF has now changed it's mind and say I O'd on Friday. One good thing about that it that the wait is now one day shorter!

  4. Fingers crossed that this one works!