Whole 30 Day 7

I have been feeling really dehydrated today and so have been really conscious of drinking water. I have done a reasonable job, the thing is I have to remember to drink before I get to that stage! Both yesterday and the day before I walked at least 10km pushing the buggy in the sunshine - that will be what did it! I have a 1L water bottle - I'm going to try and drink 2 bottles a day!

We had a busy day today. We were out at TumbleTots this morning and then BB had a hospital appointment (all good) in the afternoon, so I had to plan our meals around that.

I had scrambled egg with roast tomatoes and green salad and avocado. It was great.

Then  for lunch it was white fish (haddock) cooked with avocado oil and lemon zest juice, with roasted vegetables (courgette and butternut squash), I used avocado oil today and painted it on with a pastry brush. They were divine. I am loving avocado oil - not too strong a taste and a beautiful colour.

I prepared some pork chilli while BB had his afternoon nap. That way when we got back from hospital all we had to do was heat it up. He had his with orzo pasta (as he loves it and it cooks so quickly) and grated cheese, while I had left over cauliflower mash and courgette.

His was far more appealing! I didn't manage to eat all the cauliflower or courgette. It is strange because I really enjoyed them both first time round. Not sure if it is because they are not so nice reheated, or if it is a clever thing your body does when you already ate that recently, to encourage variety.

Having said that, tomorrow's breakfast plan is for the other half of the chilli with courgette pasta! We'll see how that goes. I could end up changing my mind about the courgette.

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