Whole 30 Day 4

Today has been a little harder. I think things might be changing.

My breakfast was mostly left overs from yesterday (with an added egg to top up the protein). I put it all on a plate and was totally overwhelmed by the amount of food in front of me. I didn't really fancy it at all.

I ate it though, well, I ate all the salmon and the egg, most of the beans, about half of the salad and a teeny bit of cauliflower, then the chickens got a lovely treat with the rest. I think part of the problem is that my portions are quite large. Probably bigger than usual, but I do eat between meals usually too so I am trying to make sure there is no doubt that I might still be hungry so that I don't eat in between meals. Perhaps it is time to gradually scale the portions back a bit though.

I don't think I have quite so much energy today either. It's hard to tell though as I have so much more than I did when I ate wheat, so everyday feels great in comparison.

Lunch today was sweet potato chips, roasted broccoli and white fish in a lemon and cayenne pepper sauce. I wanted the fish to have a sharp flavour to balance the sweetness from the sweet potatoes and it did work well. I wasn't so impressed with the broccoli though. I burnt it a bit, which didn't help, and it was the first time I have ever tried roasting broccoli so I should perhaps give it another try just to check.

After lunch I was feeling really full and yet hungry at the same time. I was craving for something sweet. I ended up making a decaf coffee with a splash of coconut milk and that solved the problem for a while.

When it came to dinner, I had planned to have chicken with beans and butternut squash, but I just couldn't cope with the idea of more meat and veg. That's the trouble with planning - what if you don't fancy what you planned?

In the end I made a salad with rocket, spinach watercress, beetroot, 3 eggs, spring onions, tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, a small carrot, some bacon bits (dry fried) tomatoes and an olive oil dressing. Followed by strawberries. I did really enjoy it.

One bonus of changing my mind is that I have another meal planned for tomorrow, though I think I may swap my veg around a bit.

It's getting harder. I was thinking today that there are lot more days of this to go! I was also feeling heavier and fatter today too, but at least that helped to control the urge to weigh or measure. I eat early (4.30pm ish) with BB and I am finding this evening tough. I want to nibble. I remember them talking about that in the book - I think I'll read that chapter again tonight! Meanwhile a cup of valerian tea and then to bed - if I am asleep I wont be craving food - I hope!

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