Spotty Monsters

What better thing can you think of to do when you're spotty than to create some spotty monsters.

two spotty monsters created from empty toilet roll tubes
Spotty Monsters

These guys were made using toilet roll tubes which we painted. The dots were created with a hole punch, and some pipe cleaner arms. They are little pom-poms on the hat. We squashed the heads at the top and held the two sides together with a staple. I think the red guy might get a hat tomorrow.  BB wanted him to have one but was impatient for his dinner for us to finish it off. We might even stretch to some arms too.

These were inspired by the The Red Ted Art Book which is fabulous, but most ideas BB still needs to grow into - still, I had fun! He did some of the painting and I did the touching up (quite a lot of it!) and was able to stick things where I blobbed the glue, though the size of the dots didn't help. He loves the eyes. We then spent ages laying on my bed together this evening looking thought the book at the pictures of all the other things we could make so I think it definitely gets BB's approval. There is a Kindle Edition too if you prefer, and the blog in case you didn't discover it yet.

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  1. Oh no! Poor Spotty boy, but love the spotty monsters! Sending you lots of non itchy and non spotty love xxxxxxx