Skinted to Minted Blogger Challenge

Earlier this year I was invited to take part in the Skinted to Minted Blogger Challenge which sponsored by MyHermes Parcel Delivery Service.

The challenge was to make as much money as possible on ebay in a set time (which ends 1st April), using their delivery service to send the sold items.

I decided to take on the challenge. If nothing else it would motivate to putting a few things on ebay which have been hanging around for just too long. They were mostly items that were too bulky of expensive to send by mail. My biggest money raiser was a genuine vintage shearling sheepskin coat, which raised £50, closely followed by my old motorbike jacket, which has sat in a cupboard for almost 20 year, which raised £43.

I also had piles of reusable nappies, most of which I purchased second hand on ebay myself, prior to BB's birth. I never actually used them at all. I have been holding on to them, thinking that one day I will, but in reality they we just taking up a lot of space. I think perhaps when I had the idea that they were a good plan I was living in the desert, washing and drying them in the wet English weather means there is little to be saved financially and more work to be done.

I sold a few other items that had been gathering dust too. In total I made £181.05 which went a long a way towards paying for the ipad I recently bought us.

As far as the myHermes delivery service goes, I have received items through it before, but was unaware that you could actually use it to send stuff yourself. For the bulkier and heavier items it is very competitive price wise and you track your goods online which is great for ebay selling. There is a choice between having them picked up from your house and dropping them off at your local parcel shop. The parcel shop option is cheaper and day faster (2 days instead of 3), but the collection service came in handy when BB was sick and we were unable to leave the house. I will definitely use the service again.

MyHermes are also offering YOU, my readers, 20% off your first use of the myHermes Delivery Service. To claim your 20% off please enter the code ablissfullife20 at the payment screen

Disclaimer  This is a sponsored post in that I received £25 credit with myHermes towards sending my parcels and am due to receive a Gourmet Society membership for posting this. There will also be prizes for the funniest post and the most money raised

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