CD1 - again!

It's CD1 of what I said was to be my last cycle trying to conceive.

At this point I am refusing to confirm if that is the really the case. I think if I do it will put undue pressure on me which wont be helpful, but I am also aware that it has to end somewhere. This can't go on forever. At some point I need to stop putting myself through this and get on with the life we have.

I am happy to have one healthy, gorgeous child. I realise that I am an incredibly lucky woman. For me actually, one is enough. Our life is great. I feel blessed with what I have. If I had started this earlier there would have definitely been more. I love being mum. But I didn't start earlier. Some would say I already changed my fate by having one the way I did. I might be one of those people!

A significant part of the reason for wanting a second child is a sibling for BB, but there are plenty of 'only children' around and they get along just fine. It wont be the end of the world. Apparently almost half of UK families these days are one child families. We are getting on just great. Our life works just fine. Another would be so very nice, but perhaps I am being just a little too greedy.

Perhaps I will know in a month if that is our destiny. Meanwhile I am going try not to think about it too much!

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  1. I hope this cycle is the one that gives you Baby #2, but it sounds like you're in a good place right now, no matter how it works out.

  2. Such a difficult crossroad! I hope too that this cycle gives you a sibling for BB :), but if not it sounds like you'll be at peace with it. We are very lucky to at least have our stout little lads :)

  3. it's just a hard thing whether to keep trying for #2, biggest hugs sweetie xoxo