Wheat, wholemeal bread and Christmas dinner

There's not a great deal to report really regarding my Six Secrets to Successful Weight Loss challenge. I have introduced wheat by eating Shreddies morning and night and wholewheat pasta for lunch for 3 days (days 19, 20 and 21), followed by a day of bread at every meal. I did wonder on the second night of wheat if something was happening, I had really dry sore eyes and when I googled wheat sore eyes, of course I managed to find something.

I feel heavier.  The amount of wheat and bread that I have consumed is quite a lot when you haven't eaten anything like it for nearly 3 weeks.  It felt a bit like a brick in my stomach at first, and made me feel lazy/less energetic. The next day it was gone though and I have had no other symptoms and there was no weight gain. I think I'm used to it again now, but I think I will probably consume less post Elimination Diet than I did before. My weight is still going down gradually, so the heaviness is just a feeling and not actually physical.

day             am                      pm

That's about all I can report.

I have decided that I am going to suspend the diet for Christmas day. You can actually do this when you get beyond stage 2. What I will have to do though is revert back to the known safe foods on Boxing Day and not introduce any new foods until I am back to my pre Christmas weight. I am not going to go mad. I won't eat any form of processed dessert, and I will avoid wine and Christmas pudding due to grape issue. Perhaps I will make a nice fruit salad as an alternative. I think most of the main course will be fine. I can eat turkey and carrots and potatoes and parsnips and beans. I haven't tested brussel sprouts yet, or sausages or bacon, and stuffing of course has many different ingredients I didn't try either, as does gravy. Hopefully it wont be too big a deal and I wont react to anything, but if I do, so be it - I just want to enjoy a dinner with my family without being a pain in the rear!

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  1. You deserve to enjoy your Christmas dinner. Especially with how well you've been doing.

    1. Thanks - i think I will! My sister has just told me about the yummy cake she is making though, might have to change my mind on the desert thing - will see how strong I am on the day! Enjoy your Christmas Dinner too Tiara