Salt Dough Christmas Tree Decorations

As we only had one decoration for our Christmas Tree, BB and I made some more today using salt dough and some glitter glue.

As our one decoration was a kangaroo, and we have some Australian animal cookie cutters that Aussie Grandma brought with her when she visited in the summer. I wasn't sure how the kangaroos would survive as their feet and tails looked a little narrow, so to be sure of some tree decorations we made some koalas and some Christmas trees too.

Christmas tree with lights and one decoration - a kangaroo
Our tree before - with just one lonely kangaroo

child using pastry cutters
BB hard at work

child using pastry cutters
Until he noticed the camera and started posing!

child smearing glitter glue on salt dough tree decorations
Smearing glitter glue on the baked product with our fingers

salt dough decorations on the tree - two kangaroos a koala and a tree
Adorning our tree

The recipe for salt dough that we used was:

200g plain flour
100g salt
1 tbsp sunflower oil
about 150 mls water

Mix flour, salt and oil and gradually add water until you have a good consistency

Roll out on a floured board and cut out your shapes and make a hole (a drinking straw does this perfectly) for hanging

Bake at 120ÂșC for around 2 hours (BB turned ours up really high somewhere near the beginning, but they survived!)

Decorate with glitter glue, thread with ribbon and hang on your tree.

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