The morning after!

So, you may have read the comment from Abby below questioning why the grape day was different from previous days. According to the book weight is expected to go down overnight, and to stay the same or go down a little from morning to morning and from afternoon to afternoon. Mine went up, the pm to pm weight was most significant.

I was also thinking that it could be caused by something else. Surely when I go to the loo would impact on it. Or may be where I am at in my cycle. I also wondered if it could be something else causing it and it was a delayed reaction. I haven't felt the same since I introduced tea, I think because of the dehydrating effects (I think this is the reason my weight didn't go up during the day on days 9, 10 and 11 - I drank black tea each morning).

I did feel different yesterday though. I was craving refined carbs. Also, as I mentioned in my comment on the previous post, I measured my waist last night and it was back up to 103cm. Something has to cause that. The book says that you need to wait until your weight returns to normal before reintroducing another food and suggests that it takes about 2 days. This morning though, I am back to 80.6kg and my waist is 94cm, so I am thinking I might be there.

The whole way that it changed so rapidly makes me wonder if it was all a dream, but according to the book this type of massive daily fluctuation is a typical indicator of a food sensitivity, so for now at least, grapes are off the menu and the wine I was hoping to introduce on Saturday night has been crossed off the shopping list.

It's not all bad news though. I am about to have a coffee. I do hope it's not my last!

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  1. Ah, didn't realize you were looking at pm to pm weights... thanks for explaining!