Is it watermelon?

slices of watermelon

We, once again my weight has continued it's steady downward path, but also once again I have had a dodgy belly. I had to introduce oranges today. Immediately after eating them I had to rush to the loo. Again, as on Saturday this happened so fast I would be fairly sure it's not the oranges. Obviously I will re test at a later date to be sure, but for now I am looking back at all the foods I have introduced in the last few days. One food that I ate today, and Saturday, but not yesterday, is watermelon. I ate the watermelon this morning as soon as I got up, the oranges were about an hour later (actually I almost forgot that I had to introduce a food today).

I have done a little research on the internet and it seems that watermelon commonly has these effects on people (see and ). So, for now watermelon is off the menu too. Luckily I was disappointed with it anyway - it just doesn't taste the same here as it does in Australia.

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  1. All very interesting! I must admit that following your blog has inspired me to start keeping notes about what I eat and how i feel afterwards. I'm not weighing myself, just observing. Interesting stuff! Thanks for keeping us posted.

    1. That's great! I am finding it is quite interesting to do -we are so used to just eating without thinking aren't we!